On Adrenaline

The process is all there is; the morning hour, when, alone, I go to Facebook and YouTube and make sure my music business affairs are in order. Remembering That Music School Director yesterday, who has a husband and mentions him a lot, and runs a successful music school. The hope in that. I need to get dressed.

No deadlines today. Only me, my self, my food, my room, the silence, poetry.

The silence and the poetry are what I want to focus on today. I’m playing for a beer opening at CB Brewery and I want to stay calm. There’s always more to do on gig day than expected: pack up all the right cables, make a set list, stay calm, shave my legs, stay calm, communicate with the band, get dressed, maybe put on makeup, stay calm. 🙂

I’m almost done eating my salad, then I’ll walk to the practice rooms to warm up and feel prepared. Just for a bit. Then I’ll come home. Actually I’ll shave first, because then I can help Chris load his drums in the car.

March 29, 2019

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