On Shrek

We all watched Shrek and fell in love with the characters, humor, and revolutionary animation style. I saw it for the first time in the theater with my grandfather. I was entranced. It was the first time I'd seen such realistic animation, and I was completely enamored with the fart jokes, hilarious donkey, and tale… Continue reading On Shrek

On Rage

quiet rage beginning to announceher speechless marriage sweeping through, screaming their Names dancing then, afteronly after only after


are the only thing keeping me from falling apart ! One small barrier (between me and the world) : The one thing that separates me from the dream. My dreams were preferable to this . Much softer and filled with more desire.

Whitman’s Hands

for Chris There’s something about you that makes my heart humWith what Whitman calls “life”What Cummings calls puddle-wonderand becoming “who you really are” Something about your eyes, playing stars in your headOr maybe your hands, rough and largeBut it isn’t any Thing at all, reallyMy heart hums with youEven if I try to ignore the… Continue reading Whitman’s Hands