On Chicken Coops

About two days ago, my grandma and I started receiving irksome texts from my dad. Where's the chicken coop? he kept asking, I'm sure it's on the property. He wouldn't give it up - he even sent us pictures he had taken last year of this mysterious chicken coop that was supposedly in my grandma's… Continue reading On Chicken Coops

On Driftwood

This morning my grandma and I woke up in the darkness at 6am to shoot a music video. We wouldn't have done this, except we were walking along a remote beach last week, and came across this abandoned homestead made of driftwood. There once was a community of people living here, my grandma said: I… Continue reading On Driftwood


mug of tea, you sit there so silently you make it look easyto simply be maple tree, bending in the breezeyou seem so happyyou seem so freeI'm not looking for much - just a little relief,just a hunger for touch. And a place I can breathe,a place I can be happy. river wide, taking life… Continue reading Breathe


there is a time to rest among the soft flowers [they exist whether you are there or not]

More Than Us

inspired by the squirrels living in our ceiling I have dreams about large animalslounging in the rafterssmiling down at me with their kind eyeslifting feathers with their sighs the footsteps in my ceilingthey keep me up at nightI imagine they belong to gentle bearsor doves in quiet pairs this house is home to more than… Continue reading More Than Us