On Desire (revisited)

In honor of the last day of my daily writing challenge, I am reconnecting with the same topic I wrote about on the first day: desire. Here's the original post. That day, I asked an important question. Can desire be trusted? Here are a few things I've learned about desire this month: 1) Desire is… Continue reading On Desire (revisited)


sit with megaze into spacecan you hearthe stars embracestay with meon the bridgeblankets upto the edgeof our facesof our chinsbreathing placeswe've never been I know, I know youI know, I know it's hardthe meteor may never comebut there are songs yet to be sungthe meteor is slow to fallbut you and I talk through it… Continue reading Meteor


for my dadThe stones that we left there are calling to meHave they grown into boulders? Or rolled to the sea?It's a myth, oh father, that we carry these stonesBut the memory heals us, so we're no more aloneYou show me the water splashed up on the stonesYou bring out the beauty in Earth's grey-green… Continue reading Kyoto


he kneels over me all anger and silence I know I should leavebut I feel so frightenedyou kneel next to meall lovely and caringI know I should stay but this is so scarybut I feel so waryI've kept it safe within my memory the pain of his sin threatens me, and you, and ushere I… Continue reading MeYouUs


mug of tea, you sit there so silently you make it look easyto simply be maple tree, bending in the breezeyou seem so happyyou seem so freeI'm not looking for much - just a little relief,just a hunger for touch. And a place I can breathe,a place I can be happy. river wide, taking life… Continue reading Breathe