On Desire (revisited)

In honor of the last day of my daily writing challenge, I am reconnecting with the same topic I wrote about on the first day: desire. Here's the original post. That day, I asked an important question. Can desire be trusted? Here are a few things I've learned about desire this month: 1) Desire is… Continue reading On Desire (revisited)

On Driftwood

This morning my grandma and I woke up in the darkness at 6am to shoot a music video. We wouldn't have done this, except we were walking along a remote beach last week, and came across this abandoned homestead made of driftwood. There once was a community of people living here, my grandma said: I… Continue reading On Driftwood


sit with megaze into spacecan you hearthe stars embracestay with meon the bridgeblankets upto the edgeof our facesof our chinsbreathing placeswe've never been I know, I know youI know, I know it's hardthe meteor may never comebut there are songs yet to be sungthe meteor is slow to fallbut you and I talk through it… Continue reading Meteor


for my dadThe stones that we left there are calling to meHave they grown into boulders? Or rolled to the sea?It's a myth, oh father, that we carry these stonesBut the memory heals us, so we're no more aloneYou show me the water splashed up on the stonesYou bring out the beauty in Earth's grey-green… Continue reading Kyoto


he kneels over me all anger and silence I know I should leavebut I feel so frightenedyou kneel next to meall lovely and caringI know I should stay but this is so scarybut I feel so waryI've kept it safe within my memory the pain of his sin threatens me, and you, and ushere I… Continue reading MeYouUs