On Being

it’s okay
it’s okay to let go a little.
it’s okay
it’s okay to feel a lot.

your thin smiles
your spontaneous tears
your exhaustion
your collapse
your cravings for touch

it’s okay.
it’s okay to not be okay.
hope may not be an uncontrollable force,
but a surrender.

2 thoughts on “On Being”

  1. I felt connected to this poem. My anxieties are probably very different, but the mental/emotional act of surrender is probably the same. In surrendering to what is, you are free of the anxiety – free of everything pulling you down. “It’s okay to not be okay.”


    1. I love that image of surrendering as being free from everything pulling us down. It’s funny that “what is pulling us down” is just…us. Or the conditioned us. Like I have all of this disdain. I walk around holding the heaviness of the disdain all day, spilling it all over everything, but when I stop to take a closer look, it’s just disdain for myself.


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